CCTV Camera Project

Today marks an exciting day in my life as I have just completed the CCTV project at the Esquire 2 Hotel. It has been a long and complex journey that required extensive planning, rigorous testing and countless hours of hard work. The project involved the installation of multiple CCTV cameras throughout the hotel, allowing for […]

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IT- Infrastructure

Today’s technology is highly dependent on networks. From connecting to the internet to sharing data, networks are the backbone of modern systems. To ensure that these networks are properly functioning, they need to be properly set up and maintained. This is where network mapping comes in. Network mapping is the process of documenting a network’s

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Netowrk Administrator

Esquire Appartment and Esquire 2 Hotel | P2P Network Esquire Appartment and Esquire 2 Hotel are two separate properties located in the same region. For the past few years, both properties have been using separate networks for their operations. This has caused a lot of inconvenience and difficulty in managing the different networks. To make

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