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Esquire Appartment and Esquire 2 Hotel | P2P Network

Esquire Appartment and Esquire 2 Hotel are two separate properties located in the same region. For the past few years, both properties have been using separate networks for their operations. This has caused a lot of inconvenience and difficulty in managing the different networks. To make things simpler, we decided to create a centralized network system that would connect both properties. This would give both properties access to the same network resources and tools, and make it easier to manage. We started by configuring the network infrastructure that would connect both properties. We then installed a load balancing system to distribute internet to both properties. This allows us to evenly distribute the workload and ensure that both properties have the same access to the internet. We also implemented a firewall system to protect both properties from malicious attacks. This firewall system monitors the network traffic and blocks any suspicious activity. This ensures that both properties are secure from any malicious activity. Finally, we configured the network to provide Quality of Service (QoS) for both properties. This means that the network is optimized for both properties, so that they can access the same resources without any slowdown. Overall, the project was a success. Both properties now have access to the same network resources, and we can easily

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